DK and Hannes

Sorry, I didn't get any video of Animal Collective as I was waiting to hear a song that I knew everyone would appreciate. Unfortunately, they played an abhorrent setlist and I was very disappointed with their choice of songs. Stage presence was decent, but definitely not the same three piece Animal Collective I remember witnessing... but anyways I have some good music for you to consume.
Dallas K's new original mix "Crush" sounds to be pretty badass if I may say so myself. You can usually see him live at Riot in UCF's Dungeon Lounge.

  Crush (Original Mix) PREVIEW Out on Burn the fire 7/11 by DallasK
Another enjoyable listen is this remix of Alicia keys that Hannes Fischer has posted for your hungry ears:
  Alicia Keys - Rock Wit U (Hannes Fischer Remix)