DJ Shadow features big names on The Less You Know, The Better

DJ Shadow, Josh Davis, is best known for inventing enjoyable and brilliant sampled music (Entroducing...(1996) was created entirely from samples). He has created countless classics with his ability to manipulate the MPC60. His instrumental Hip Hop has paved a clear path for many artists today, including: Pretty Lights and Baths.
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Akai MPC60

After a silent 5 years, Davis has released a wonderful new record filled with his nostalgic trip-hop, a new sense of rock n roll and smooth ambience. The Less You Know, The Better seems to be DJ Shadow's cry out to widespread scene of shitty electronic music and failed amateur attempts at creating sampled music. There is definitely a great message behind what he has created. "The Less You Know, The Better" is a statement on it's own. DJ Shadow has integrated some of the greater talents in the industry to better exemplify this in the record. He has found artists that have sought out an experimental edge with a purpose and goal in mind. Included are Little Drangon's Yukimi Nagano, Tom Vek and Talib Kweli. enjoy

Newest from Mutemath

Best release I've heard from a rock band since Black Keys released "Brothers"

This is off of their new single release "Blood Pressure / Odd Soul"
catch them at Deluna Music Festival in October

Twin Shadow remixes Pains of Being Pure at Heart

After touring together, the two have teamed up for a remix of Pain's "Heart In Your Heartbreak". You can listen to the original HERE
and the remix for you: Heart in Your Heartbreak (Twin Shadow remix)
Download it:

July is over now. Don't forget to remember it

Youth Lagoon will soon release a full length, The Year Of Hibernation. His free EP, including "July" and "Cannons", received a great deal of attention. It's more of the dream pop and shoegaze type music we've been hearing so much of, but it really is good work. It's hard to believe that Trevor Powers has created all of this on his own. Definitely one among those such as M83 and Atlas Sound. You can download the EP for free HERE
Here is "Montana", the 7th track off of the upcoming release:

He will be attending the 10th MPMF!

Under A World Of Sound

Hooray For Earth gives a taste of how his ethereal sound is created on Fader TV. Purchase his music HERE

Gummy Song Fetus

The Flaming Lips have released three songs on a usb drive at a very limited availability. I actually purchased Deadmau5's 4x4=12 on a Mau5head usb, so it's nothing new to sell music in this way. What makes this release different is the fact that the usb drive is located in the head of a fetus...

The three tracks included were originally released in June and only available in the fetuses sold in Kansas' Love Garden. 3 days ago only 6 more were released in OKC.



Neon Indian has announced the release of a forthcoming album, ERA EXTRAÑA. The album is to be released September 13th from Static Tongues. Also, tomorrow is finally the release date for Portugal. The Man, In The Mountain In The Clouds.

More Radiohead Remixes

James Blake on US television

James Blake was invited to make an appearance on Fallon's Late Night television show. Fallon does a really good job in choosing great up and coming artists. Blake performs a stunning performance of The Wilhelm Scream. His vocals will forever amaze me. 
It's so soon now that those pre-orders for In The Mountain In The Clouds come through. Well, a preview of the album is available here for you:
  Portugal. The Man - In The Mountain In The Cloud
And for anyone looking for something with a lil more bump to it, here is some Laidback Luke:
  Wynter Gordon - Dirty Talk (Laidback Luke Mix)