BNR's Housemeister


MUSIC CERTAINLY IS AWESOME, HOUSEMEISTER. I took this from his myspace, but only because it's a golden bio: "Born 11.11.77 up in the cold where the Baltic Sea eats Germany, Housemeister came to Berlin age 5, just got 12 when the wall came down. Times they were a-changin', in fact times hit like a tsunami, and little Housemeister decided to ride that wave like a motherfucker. So by '94, anarchy reigned. Punk and Rap, Turntables and Basement Parties, Love Parade und Mayday, Weed and Spray Cans, Fake IDs and 150bpm, E-Werk and Tresor, Walfish and Electric Ballroom. By '95, he hit Kreuzberg, central Berlin, moving in with his best friend and legendary Hardwax Record Store right around the corner. He's been mixing high-energy music ever since. By '99, Housemeister was spinning all over the place, releasing 4 maxis with the BPitch collective, the first of which awkwardly being licenced by Karl Lagerfeld. By now most of europe knew what you get when entering the Housemeister Spacecraft: relentless, hardcore, dirty dancefloor ecstasy. Everybodys hands in the air, everbodys booties bouncing hard: techno in its total beauty. Housemeister kept riding the wave, spreading the rave, playing everywhere and every weekend, celebrating the living crap you can beat out of tools and crowds alike: the noize. So in 2005, he released his debut album „Enlarge your Dose“ on BoysnoizeRecords. You know that old proverb went „party like there's no tomorrow“; after „Enlarge your Dose“, it was „party like there's no too much“."